St. Anthony Strikes Again!

7 Jan

There are certain things I am notorious about losing. Keys, laundry, cell phones, my mind – the usual. But one thing I am almost always completely responsible about it jewelry. I develop weird emotional attachments to inanimate objects. The emotional value of most of my most valued possessions usually far outweighs their physical value.

Yes, I realize this is probably an issue.

But I digress. About two months ago Eli and I went to a local pub here in Tulsa with some friends after RCIA and Mass for cheeseburgers (and beer for the legal, non-ORU parties). I was wearing an opal and garnet cocktail ring that is at least 50 years old that I bought in an estate sale for a whopping $0.25 when I was 13. It belonged to an older lady in our community that had passed away. It was a little large for me, so I took it off while I was eating my gloriously, obscenely large McNellies burger – and then walked right off, forgetting all about it until about midnight when I was getting ready for bed. I called Eli and asked if he had seen it in the car, he hadn’t. So the next day I called McNellies, but nobody had turned anything in. I called again, still nothing. I resigned myself to the fact that whoever squeezed into the booth after us had probably pocketed it. But I prayed with St. Anthony about it anyway, hoping for some kind of bizarre miracle – and then forgot all about it.

Wednesday night, we were back at McNellies (yes, this is our post-RCIA/Mass routine), and the waitress set down our water cups (we were slightly more broke this week), and was. . .


My heart did the high school-spot-your-crush-in-wal-mart attack, and I grabbed Eli’s arm. “She’s wearing my ring!!”

Eli looked at it. . .”Are you sure?”

Pssh. DUH.

Being the paranoid that I am, I waited until AFTER we got our food before I asked her about it. “I know this is a little awkward, but. . .um. . .I think you’re wearing my ring. I left it here about two months ago and never got a call about it.”


“Yeah. . .” I recounted the story about how I got it, and she very politely informed me that her best friend actually gave her the ring. “BUT, she works here, so she might have found it. Let me go ask her.” She returned several minutes later, and lo and behold, her friend HAD found it there.

Cheap friend.

But, she handed it over with no problems, and was very excited for me – although a bit loath to see the ring go.

I’m incredibly thankful for the saints and their continued intercession with us, even over the little things!


4 Responses to “St. Anthony Strikes Again!”

  1. Jennifer January 8, 2011 at 6:53 am #

    Love St. Anthony, as he seems to be very busy helping me ALL the time. I’m glad that he has time for us both ;o) But how completely awkward… I’m glad you had a happy ending!

  2. Kathleen January 11, 2011 at 11:09 am #

    I love how you say praying “with.” I want to throttle Catholics who say praying “to.” Way to give anti-Catholics ammunition!

    And I’m glad you found your ring, too. 🙂

  3. Megan January 12, 2011 at 11:40 pm #

    That is amazing!! 🙂 I love asking for St. Anthony’s intercession!

  4. Joe (Defend Us In Battle) March 2, 2011 at 12:04 am #

    So Kassie, can I call you Kassie?

    Did you do something to “pay it forward” for St. Anthony?

    Maybe a prayer card and a medallion?

    I just always think that these are moments of opportunity for us to do something, that whole “random act of kindness” stuff seem contrived, this seems authentic and pure. Maybe I am a pessimist, or maybe an opportunist, either way… I see an opening.

    Just an idea, love the blog – youre in my RSS feed now.

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