7 Quick Takes: Snowpocalypse Edition

4 Feb

My dear, sweet, wonderful boyfriend Eli went out last week and bought a monitor he’s been needing for quite some time – then let me take the whole thing to my dorm room so I could actually, you know, get homework done? He’s awesome. Thanks, dear!

My last post was a bit emotional for me to write, so I decided not to skip 7 Quick Takes this week. I could use writing something that does not make me want to cry/boil my own eyeballs in anger. So, many, many thanks to the lovely Jennifer Fulwiler for hosting the weekly 7 Quick Takes!

1) Being snowed in isn’t as much fun when you aren’t Laura Ingalls.
I was a very early reader – and I outgrew picture books almost as soon as I could read a complete sentence – so some of my earliest memories are of waking up early, sneaking sausage rolls into my bed, and reading The Little House On The Prairie books until my mother made me get out of bed. I thought I was being sneaky – I’ve since discovered that never will I ever pull anything over on her, she was just letting me have fun. But, I remember reading about the great snow in Little House in the Big Woods and thinking about how DELIGHTFUL it would be to be snowed in while living in a log cabin with delightful foods stored up and family to be with. . .well, I got part of my childhood wish this week. Only, I’ve been snowed into a dorm room. With no family. And not much yummy food to speak of.

2) Tulsa gets snow. Newsflash.
What really surprises me is that, for all three years I have lived in Tulsa, Oklahoma, we have had at least ONE major snow/ice storm. But every single year, people continue to act like frozen precipitation falling from the sky is simply UNHEARD OF in these parts. Thus, few people are fully prepared when, hey – a full-blown blizzard hits! And shuts the town down! For an entire week! #facepalm

3) My paycheck is frozen.
Well, not really – it’s just being held as an icy hostage at my employer’s home. Not that it really matters, because the roads are too icy for my car to drive anywhere to spend the paycheck, but it’s the principle of the thing. I’m really, really looking forward to the first sign of a thaw so I can retrieve said pay check and eat more than tortillas and ramen.

4) But I’ve lost weight!
Yay for tortillas and ramen!

5) I’m behind on mail.
I’ve finished all the rosaries I was working on, but am completely unable to get to the post office to mail them. I apologize!

6) Cary Grant is the man.
I’ve been watching old movies on Netflix, and can I just say that Cary Grant has always and will always be my favorite actor ever?

Rawr rawr rawr SCREAM


2 Responses to “7 Quick Takes: Snowpocalypse Edition”

  1. priest's wife February 5, 2011 at 1:05 pm #

    netflix instant is amazing- if you need something light, try Monk.

  2. Sarah @BeatenCopperLamp February 8, 2011 at 11:28 pm #

    I loved the Little House books too. My family was re-reading The Long Winter during the last Virginia snowstorm. I feel like that would be the worst possible cure for cabin fever…

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