7 Quick Takes – The late edition.

4 Aug

1. You’ve been introduced to the bit of humble teenaged wonder that is my brother Logan. He’s a doll, really, but as his sister I’m obligated to inform any of my younger readers that he is not, in fact, allowed to date. Try again in a few years. He might be Catholic then. 😉

2. Oh yeah…hi! Logan’s post was mostly accurate if a little light-hearted. Please keep our family in your prayers. It’s been a trying summer, particularly the last few weeks. Can’t really share with the blogosphere – although my faithful twitter followers probably noticed a few outraged, profanity-laced bursts of anger in between my happy-go-lucky slightly addicted other tweets – I promise I didn’t abandon you all without a just cause.

3. I really didn’t mean to jump right into the quick takes without so much as a “ZOMG I PROMISE I’LL NEVER LEAVE YOU AGAIN WHAT WAS I THINKING AHHHHH” but really, guys – I missed y’all. Desperately.

4. My first few months as a baby Catholic have been…interesting. I can say with sad honesty that I was a better Catholic before I was Catholic than I am now that I’m officially Catholic. I think I might have a record for Neophyte With The Most Confessions Before Ordinary Time Began. I’m home. But now I have to unpack all my baggage.

5. On a lighter note…I have to relay an awkward first date experience. Through a series of events this summer, was introduced to a guy we’ll call………Rob. Since Tom is taken in the Anonymous Annals of Kassie’s Love Life. I was not remotely interested in Rob, but I was trying to be polite.
“What kind of food do you like to eat?”
Really? I’m a dancer. “Um. Sushi and Mexican.”
“We should go get Subway sometime.”

6. I was flabbergasted. But the cynical, satirical comedian in me couldn’t say no. So I went on a date. To Subway. Wherein he talked about (drumroll please) Operation Repo. Constantly.

7. My saving grace? There was a Jason Statham movie playing on the screen behind him. I’m horrible. Shhh. See number 4. I waited the obligatory hour, then dashed away. I called my sister to tell her about the fail.
“Hey Whit. What are you doing?”
“Watching Operation: Repo….”

I give up.


6 Responses to “7 Quick Takes – The late edition.”

  1. Kathleen August 5, 2011 at 6:49 am #

    I always click over immediately when there’s a post on your blog. Hope we’ll have you back soon. 🙂

    As for confession–so good for you! I should be going so much more often. I think examining your conscience regularly makes you, um, examine your conscience regularly. That sounds ridiculous, but I guess what I’m trying to get at is that the more you are aware of your brokenness and the need for healing, the more you go seeking for the healing, which makes you more aware, which makes you seek…and although it’s uncomfortable, I promise you will look back on times like this as the most fertile times of spiritual growth in your life.

  2. Kerrie August 5, 2011 at 8:12 pm #

    I love that you went on a date to Subway! Back in the day….I was asked out for a dinner date. We went to a hot dog stand. lol

  3. Katy August 7, 2011 at 7:25 pm #

    Oh how I have missed you! I only started reading just before you took a long break so you probably don’t recognize my name. I kept checking in and today when I saw that you had posted, I screamed! I love your blog. Like you, I am also 21 so I can relate to a lot of what you write. Oh and by the way, welcome home to the Church!

    • The Secret Vatican Spy August 7, 2011 at 7:55 pm #

      Katy, you’re such a doll! Thanks for hanging in there with me. Can’t wait to get to know you better!

  4. Cléo August 18, 2011 at 3:39 am #

    Here’s also someone who’s happy you’re back to blogwriting! Me and my husband entered the Church at Pentecoast (coming from an evangelical-protestant background, my father’s a theologian/preacher too) and things haven’t been going so well familywise either. My little brother, sister, nieces and nephew didn’t come to our Confirmation after I invited them politely (and with a bit too much of ‘this is way we are doing this crazy thing’-information by mail, that did more harm then good, I see now), even though our parish is a ten minute walk from their home. Auwtch. My mother, father, aunt and parents in law did come, but were very 1) ‘disappointed’ 2) sad and 3) angry (! translation of nr 2?). Thank God we had a wonderfull day anyhow, with good friends joining us afterwards for a drink (outside a little café called ‘the Rosary’ : ) ) No we’re on a ‘don’t talk about your personal lives or all hell will brake loose’-truce. I always thought we were a very close and open family :s So, although you can’t share a lot on this blog, I remain very curious as to how you ceal with family reactions. A lot of prayer, I gues? (and Confessions, oh yes!) Greetings from Belgium

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