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8 Jan

First of all, I would like to say that I’m in love with the fact that my old, faithful Secret Vatican Spy domain was taken over by a Brazilian branch of Anonymous.

Also, it terrifies me.

Second, I would like to invite you to join me at my new blog,

A few caveats:

1. I am not blogging strictly about Catholicism. I’m keeping this blog around for the heavily Catholic topics, but most of the topics at the new blog will be about writing, feminism, dating, probably fashion because I can’t stay away, and general life posts.

2. There will probably be more language there than there is here, but I promise I won’t blog like a sailor. Do sailors blog? Now I’m curious? Actually I’m just referring to one graphic whose creator I cannot for the life of me track down, but really, nothing summed my emotions up better. So there.

It’s been a year of introspection, and the challenges some of the most important people in my life have faced have been deeply sobering. A lot has changed for me, and a lot has stayed the same. But I’m ready to dive in to 2013, and hopefully keep my head out of the water.

Join me?