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29 Nov

Thanksgiving was delicious. Not terribly big on the rest side of things, but it tasted good.

Friday was a memorial for my older half-brother’s grandfather. He was a truly great man, served as sheriff in our county for almost half of his life, and was the definition of an incredible grandfather. His love and support meant the world to my brother, and for that, more than any other accomplishment in his life – and there are many – I will hold him with respect and gratitude in my heart. His wife spoke at the end of the service and finished with “He got the last word in our marriage, but he had to die to do it”, with her characteristic Texas woman grin. I can only hope that one day I can develop the same honest candor, strength, and love for justice that this couple has shown.

Eli and I drove back up Saturday, and my roommates weren’t back from their Thanksgiving camping trip yet. So, I made Eli walk through the house before he left to make sure it hadn’t been broken into and that Ted Bundy’s successor wasn’t waiting in the shadows somewhere.

Yes, I’m paranoid and neurotic.

I grew up in a household of nine children and many, many dogs, so last night was the first time I ever stayed in a house 100% by myself with no humans or animals present. I may or may not have called Eli once or twice in the middle of the night just to make sure he was still alive and breathing and able to run to my rescue if need be.

How was your weekend?